About Us

Our Vision

A dynamic community of vibrantly engaged and connected young Jews, nourished by mutual respect and honest, open dialogue, challenging stereotypes, invigorating curiosity, plumbing the depths of our great heritage and empowering a revolution in Jewish identity.

Our Mission

Kii was founded to meet today’s young Jews wherever they are on their own journey, offering them an honest relationship with lived wisdom rooted in ancient Jewish thought.

Our values

Kii has a genuine respect for the individual. Mutual respect, appreciation, care and a unique approach appropriate for each individual. Creating space to explore, debate and engage with a Judaism that speaks to the modern world. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to have an educated pride and to make their own empowered decisions.

Empowering Young Jews

Not to take them to a predetermined goal, but to engage in the journey with them towards a relationship with Judaism wherever they’re at.


Co founder and Director

Rebbitzen Liat Mayerfeld 

  • World-renowned educator and sought-after speaker.
  • Degrees in Jewish Studies & Special Education.
  • Over 2 years working for Israeli Military Intelligence.
  • Superb hostess with an open door policy.

Co founder and Director

Rabbi Moshe Mayerfeld

  • International educator and speaker at business world’s highest profile firms, Executives and Company Directors.
  • Officiated at over 100 weddings.
  • Formerly Director of Aish UK for over 20 years.
  • Rabbi of a boutique synagogue in West Hampstead, London 2014-2018
Our Team

Shira Behore: Kii Ambasador,

Daniella Winegard: Office Administrator

David Landsman: Accountant

Sabrina Naimark: Kii Latino